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Investment Surveys (Pty) Ltd, founded in 1982, is a corporate security risk advisory company with its sights firmly fixed on the
creation of excellence in its field through the development and protection of assets and intellectual property.

Our corporate head office in Midrand is a stone’s throw from the Johannesburg International Airport, half way between Johannesburg
and Pretoria. It is ideally positioned to compete successfully in both local and international markets. We can help YOU to identify
current problem areas in your organisation and propose the necessary development and protective action that will deliver the desired

In this highly sophisticated and demanding market, Investment Surveys provides a wide range of professional, multi-disciplinary
consulting and interfacing corporate risk advisory services. It has a totally confidential and integrated range comprising commercial,
financial and security management expertise of the highest integrity tailored to the needs of both private sector corporations and
official agencies alike.

Our substantial support base is focused on functional expertise and incorporates high-risk management standards and technology. This makes Investment Surveys a company of substance and an accredited supplier of significant skills and specialised products. Our approach also ventures into many innovative concepts and important applications in analysis, process and programme.

“Therefore, when I have won a victory I do not repeat my tactics but rearrange them to circumstances in an infinite variety of ways.” -Sun Tzu