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The safety of corporate executives depends, to a great degree, on the company’s own protection efforts. Law enforcement agencies can only offer limited assistance. For the situations that require executive protection personnel, we provide the staff and suitable vehicles, communication and other appropriate hardware for each unique situation.

The vital elements of an executive protection programme are:
• pre-planning a response to all possible threats or attacks;
• making executives (and their families) aware of common sense precautions that can                    help keep them from becoming victims, and, if they do,
• how to deal with the situation and survive

For targeted multi-national corporations and major industrial firms, finely tuned and detailed round-the-clock protection programmes for key personnel have become mandatory.

The most important phase is the pre-planning. This phase usually begins with specific assignments of various responsibilities and delegated authority to selected key individuals.

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“Unless you know the mountains and the forests, the defiles and impasses, and the lay of the marshes and swamps, you cannot manoeuvre with an armed force. Unless you use local guides, you cannot get the advantages of the land.” -Sun Tzu