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Investment Surveys has been a member of the International Association of Special Investigations Units (IASIU) since 1993. The IASIU was created to promote and co-ordinate efforts internationally within the insurance industry to combat insurance fraud and, thus far, has proved to deliver what it set out to do. This division specialises in the following:

* Insurance Fraud Investigations
* Database Management and Link Analysis Identification
* Motor Insurance Fraud - Fabricated / contrived accidents
* Panel beaters
* Assessors and Loss Adjustors
* Medical Insurance Fraud
* Household Insurance Fraud
* Various types of claims investigations
* Statements - recording and analysis
* Background research
* Surveillance
* Identification of financial distress indicators
* Arson investigations
* Suicide investigations
* Property and catastrophe claims
* Organised crime syndicates
* Crime scene reconstruction
* Forensic accounting and paper trail analysis

“So assess them to find out their plans,
both the successful ones and the failures. Incite them to action in order to find out the patterns of their movement and rest.” - Sun Tzu